BtR - Ethereum Mining Rig Build - ASUS Prime B250-PLUS and MSI Gaming X Radeon RX580

This video will give you an overview of what a mining rig build looks like as well as some how-to's and impressions along the way.

Parts list:
Motherboard - ASUS PRIME B250-Plus

CPU - Intel Celeron G3950 3.0 Ghz

Video Cards - MSI Gaming X 8GB RX580

Power Supply - EVGA 1000 GQ 1000W

PCI-E Risers:

RAM - 8GB Crucial DDR4-2400

Hard Drive - OCZ 60GB SSD

Rack -

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  • Yepy Greedy

    Hey man !Does this board supports 6X RX 570 ?I heard there are a lot of problems with 5+ cards

  • Androclus Layugan

    can you post your mining calculator specs ?

  • Yash Parganiha

    hello i have asus prime b250 pro motherboard ... i was wondering how many gpu does this motherboard supports?

  • Online Ghost

    dear sir, i got an error after plugin my new riser into b250 mb .error-->( driver_IRQL_NOT LESS OR EQUAL.) how can i fix this plz help

  • Umar Gigani

    hello i have a same motherboard but my pcie x1 slot is not detecing my 2nd graphics card please help i want to add more card to my rig

  • Flemming Tønnesen

    How did you get it to work with 4 gpus? Mine will only support 3 GPU at the same time. Did you change something in the BIOS?

  • Smo Tri

    Pls check in bios have G4 mode? I wont make 8GPU rig on this board. Thank you.

  • Christian Bernd

    Could you pls advise where you installed the cable for the power switch? Thanks

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